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MISS SWISS Makeup Case


 After much research, many debates, and a lot of debacles. We rounded up some of our best to conduct a group of focus groups and discover why makeup on the go is such a pain. Our hypothesis was correct, the simple matter is, your everyday makeup products are not equipped to handle your on-the-go lifestyle. But don’t fret! Because MISS SWISS is here to offer you a solution.


A highly durable, compact, and super cute On The Go Makeup Case for Touch Ups, Transitions, and Transformations


MISS SWISS is the Case that works for you.


We are like the SPF for your makeup, we protect, we shield, and we guard off any nasty buildup or dirt.


Pop off caps spill, your lipstick gets everywhere, and apparently, your bag needed some eyeliner more than you did.


MISS SWISS Makeup Case works by holding 4 of your favorite beauty go-to’s with a secure and staggered holder that prevents fiction, pops, or possible leaks.


Touch Ups On Your Schedule.


MISS SWISS Make Up Case keeps everything in place, while allowing for pivots, mobility, and creating a stable base during makeup application.


Perfect for bold eyeliner, lengthening mascaras, the new girl-in-town lipsticks, or baby pink lip gloss.


MISS SWISS is 7.25 inches long 4.25 inches wide and 1.25 inches deep

*Makeup not included

Stress-Free, Sexy, I woke up like this looks for every time of day

Available in 5 Bright Colors!